Terraform for Infrastructure Automation

Friday 17 March 2017 Terraform, AWS, Azure Comments

Before starting to learn Terraform, you first need to learn certain concept in the modern infrastructure. By the adoption of cloud technologies, the amount of servers used by almost any project is growing rapidlly. As a result, managing and configuring IT infrastructure with traditional ways by manual approach is definitely not going to play out well and become less and less relevant.

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Python REST API, quel framework?

Thursday 15 December 2016 Python, REST, API Comments

Le REST va permettre de nous orienter pûrement vers une API décrivant les ressources utilisées dans notre application. Le grand avantage d’utiliser une API REST est que nous avons une séparation entre Client et Serveur. Ainsi de multiples Clients peuvent être développés afin de consommer les ressources mises à disposition par l’API. Le grand avantage de REST est qu’il permet de requêter l’API avec de simples requêtes HTTP.

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AWS Re:Invent 2016 Recap

Thursday 01 December 2016 AWS, Cloud, Computing Comments

This is a recap about the AWS re:Invent 2016. AWS outlined over two dozen new capabilities coming to the public cloud, including directly querying data in S3 object storage, building code as part of deployment pipelines, provisioning cheap virtual private servers, and moving data in bulk, ETL-style.

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The Big Data Open Source Tools

Friday 30 May 2014 BigData, Cloud, Computing Comments

Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured. And big data may be as importantto business – and society – as the Internet has become. Why? More data may lead to more accurate analyses.

Interestingly, many of the best and best known big data tools available are open source projects. The very best known of these is Hadoop, which is spawning an entire industry of related services and products.

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